La douce brise - The Soft Breeze

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“This morning, Sophie wakes up very early like she used to do during the hunting days with her father…”
The soft breeze is a book aimed at age 10 to early teen. However, it has a universal appeal for those both older and younger struggling to cope with the death of a parent or loved one. The story’s soft illustrations draw the reader in quickly as Sophie takes a poignant trip down memory lane and finds peace.

Besides observing bees and the miraculous treasures of nature, Carole El-Hage enjoys playing and reading with her children and has ever since their babyhood. She has always been amazed to see the wonderful benefits of an open book in a child’s hands. She believes that reading with her children is a fun way to spend quality time with them while communicating and stimulating their inspiration and imagination.
Writing and illustrating "The Soft Breeze" has opened a whole new world for her and has given her a special way to connect with children and adults.


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