Boucher et al. - 2018 - Are you worried about your child? A Guide to Support Families with Complex Needs and the Professionals who Care for Them

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Boucher et al




 International Collaboration (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom)


 Website / Report


 Introduce key experiences faced by complex care families and to highlight their needs. It is intended to help professionals think through the issues the families may face, and to develop a holistic view to their needs.

Key Notes/Findings:

Each chapter is split into a Dear Parent/Dear Professional section.

  • Let's start at the beginning
  • Respect
  • A quality of life
  • Keeping it all together
  • Getting the family back on track
  • Do you want to know more? (Online Resources)

The guide is also translated into Portuguese and Italian.


1. Sue Boucher, Patricia Champion, Anne Emerson, Deborah Fullwood, Peter Limbrick, Denise Luscombe, et al. Are you worried about your child? A guide to support families of children with complex needs and the professionals who care for them [Internet]. 2018. Available from:

2. International Guide ‘Are you worried about your child?’ PDF free to download, English, Portuguese and Italian [Internet]. [cited 2019 Feb 21]. Available from:

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