Thomas and Price - 2012 - Respite care in seven families with children with complex care needs

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Thomas S, Price M





 United Kingdom


 Journal Article – Qualitative Study


 To evaluate whether the Community Children’s Nursing (CCN) respite service met parent’s needs

Key Notes/Findings:

  • Mothers’ valued the respite care, were reliant on the service and felt a reduction would be devastating
  • They were satisfied and confident with staff competence, noted positive parent-professional relationships; and identified consistent and familiar carers as important
  • Recommended greater access during periods of crisis and more involvement of families in carer recruitment processes


Thomas S, Price M. Respite care in seven families with children with complex care needs. Nursing Children & Young People. 2012 Oct;24(8):24–7. Available from:


Key Notes/Findings extracted with permission from:

Edelstein H, Schippke J, Sheffe S, Kingsnorth S. Children with medical complexity: a scoping review of interventions to support caregiver stress. Child Care Health Dev [Internet]. 2016 Nov 29 [cited 2016 Dec 5]; Available from:

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