Swallow et al. - 2011 - Teenagers' and parents' views on a short-break service for children with life-limiting conditions: A qualitative study

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Swallow et al.





 United Kingdom


 Journal Article – Qualitative Study


 To understand parent and teenager views of a particular respite service

Key Notes/Findings:

  • Parents valued meeting other families using the service and opportunities for rest and leisure, they otherwise could not achieve while their child was at home
  • Parents’ perceptions focused on service atmosphere, the trust between staff and children, staff-parent communication, stages of need and level of professionalism displayed; reflecting a partnered approach to care
  • Teenage clients valued choice equipment access, quality of staff interpersonal skills and opportunities for ‘typical’ leisure activities


Swallow V, Forrester T, Macfadyen A. Teenagers’ and parents’ views on a short-break service for children with life-limiting conditions: A qualitative study. Palliative Medicine. 2011 Apr;26(3):257–67. Available from: http://pmj.sagepub.com/cgi/doi/10.1177/0269216311401947


Key Notes/Findings extracted with permission from:

Edelstein H, Schippke J, Sheffe S, Kingsnorth S. Children with medical complexity: a scoping review of interventions to support caregiver stress. Child Care Health Dev [Internet]. 2016 Nov 29 [cited 2016 Dec 5]; Available from: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/cch.12430/abstract

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