Forde et al. - 2004 - Link Family Support–an evaluation of an in-home support service

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Forde et al.







 Journal Article – Quasi-Experimental


 To evaluate a pilot in-home respite care program by assessing degree of stress experienced and impact of service

Key Notes/Findings:

  • Prior to participation, majority of parents reported that caring for a child with a disability placed extra stress on themselves with clinically significant stress scores; after, all 16 parents qualitatively reported reduced stress but frequency of clinically significant stress scores remained
  • Overall parents reported that respite allowed them to do things that they normally couldn’t do, such as varied social and recreational activities



Forde H, Lane H, McCloskey D, McManus V, Tierney E. Link Family Support–an evaluation of an in-home support service. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. 2004;11(6):698–704. Available from:


Key Notes/Findings extracted with permission from:

Edelstein H, Schippke J, Sheffe S, Kingsnorth S. Children with medical complexity: a scoping review of interventions to support caregiver stress. Child Care Health Dev [Internet]. 2016 Nov 29 [cited 2016 Dec 5]; Available from:

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