Program Development

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In this section, you will find resources related to the development and delivery of the Navigator Program. Resources include: job descriptions, tools, media, and more.

Program Description

Navigator Program Website

Navigator Program Flyer 1

Navigator Program Flyer 2

CTV News clip

Navigator Program Promotional Video

Gaps and Challenges

Inventory of Gaps and Barriers


What it’s like to be the parent of a medically fragile child

How parents of medically fragile children suffer trauma

How families walk the financial tightrope of caring for children with medical complexity

“It was a kick in the teeth we didn’t need”: the taxing process of being audited while caring for a child with a medical complexity

Literature Review

Environmental Scan-Literature Search

Human Resources

Role Differentiation

Continuing Care Coordinator

Social Worker

Parent Navigator

Research Assistant

Research Coordinator


Motivational Interviewing

Attachment and Families – Strategies for Engaging and Helping

Path and Maps

Trauma – Strategies for Resolving the Impacts of Post Trauma Stress

The Art of Companioning the Mourner: Care Versus Cure

Grief and Bereavement Support Training

Safe Talk Suicide alertness for everyone

Empathetic Assertiveness

National Conference on Peer support

Compassion Fatigue


Navigator program referral form

Assessment form

Welcome Package

Peer Activities

Awareness Campaign

Educational Advocacy Workshop

Family Fun Day

Holiday Party

Movie Night

Salt Therapy

Self-Care Challenge

Sip & Chat

Tax Clinic

Tips for Parents of Children with Special Needs

Yoga Warriors

Awareness Campaign

Awareness Campaign Video

Awareness Campaign handout

Awareness Campaign Evaluation Form

Caring for the Caregiver


Session 1

Session 1 Caring for the Caregivers

Self Care Handout

What is Trauma Handout

Session 2

Session 2 Caring for the Caregivers

Session 3

Session 3 Caring for the Caregivers

Session 4

Session 4 Caring for the Caregivers

Mindfulness exercises

Social Work Community of Practice

Terms of Reference

Child Care Partnership

Andrew Fleck Short Term Child Care Program


My Complex Life

Family Stakeholder Map

Navigator Logo

Program Model

Word Cloud

It's not about the Nail

Hole In The Sidewalk



Google Docs







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