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 Give the ideas, tools and best practice examples to set up a scheme which works - for organisations, for carers and for the wider community.

Key Notes/Findings:

A Carer Passport is essentially a record which identifies a carer in some way and leads to provision of support, services or other benefits in response.

Examples of Carer Passports include:

  • Employer Carer Passport: provides a straightforward way to discuss and document the flexibility and support a business can give to enable employees to combine caring with work
  • Hospital Carer Passport: helps recognise carers’ role in supporting patient treatment and care, keeping carers involved and taking simple actions to make them feel welcome
  • Mental Health Trust Carer Passport: would draw together a variety of support for carers, setting out how the Trust recognises, involves and supports them as partners in care.
  • Community Carer Passport: helps to identify carers, connects them to information and support and often involves benefits such as discounts in local businesses.
  • Education Passport: supports the early identification of young carers and adult carers, leading to support both within the organisation and through connections with local services.


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