Canadian Human Rights Commission - 2014 - A Guide to Balancing Work and Caregiving Obligations

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Canadian Human Rights Commission








  • Provides tips for developing accommodation solutions that are in harmony with human rights law
  • Outlines the rights and responsibilities of the employee, the employer, unions and/or employee representatives
  • Guide managers through the process of accommodating an employee’s need to care for a family member by providing information on how to discuss the issue, how to develop solutions, and how to ensure that the solutions are effective


Key Notes/Findings:

  • All employers have a duty to accommodate, which means that sometimes it is necessary to treat someone differently in order to prevent or reduce discrimination
  • When there is a family caregiving issue, everyone involved has the responsibility to approach the issue in a respectful, collaborative and timely manner
  • Three steps to accomodating an employee's caregiving obligations:
    • Talk about it
    • Be creative. Be flexible
    • Follow-up and adjust


Minister of Public Works and Government Services. A Guide to Balancing Work and Caregiving Obligations: Collaborative approaches for a supportive and well-performing workplace [Internet]. 2014 [cited 2019 Feb 23]. Available from:

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