Transitioning from Paediatric to Adult Care

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Statement of Need:

While a significant amount of qualitative data is available related to patient, parent and health care provider perceptions of barriers to successful transition and related transfer outcomes, there is a lack of research to definitively define and identify transition practice outcomes. This further supports the need for a review of both the published research literature and descriptions of current practices to determine common principles to foster a national Guideline with recommendations for transitioning from paediatric to adult health care. 

Community of Practice:

In January 2012, a CAPHC Community of Practice in Transition from Paediatric to Adult Health care was established.  This group of stakeholders from across the country includes front line clinicians and allied  health professionals from adult and paediatric settings, researchers, administrators from all levels of care, homecare, rehabilitation, community and tertiary hospitals, as well as other community based care settings. Most significantly, families and youth who had previously transitioned are welcomed members. The CAPHC Transitions CoP has all of the dimensions and characteristics described by Wenger et al.  

While ensuring engagement of all stakeholders, the CoP aims are: 

  1. To develop national Transition Clinical Practice Guidelines and recommendations to enhance and guide the care and health of YSHCN through adolescence into adulthood.
  2. To create strategies for sharing and implementation of transition tools, materials and resources at a national level with clear guidelines for use and collaboration.
  3. To suggest opportunities for partnerships and collaboration in providing 'best practice' standards in clinical, education, evaluation, and research.
  4. To ensure the voice and needs of youth and young adults involved with and experiencing transition are included at each stage of development of these objectives.

Our infographic illustrates our process and achievements! 

From Networking to Clinical Practice Guideline Development - Poster

Refer to the table below for the Guideline and all appendices. 

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