Breakdown of Community Respite Services and Costs

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Breakdown of Community Respite Services and Costs

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Funding Sources

Cost to Family

CCACIn home respite by a nurses. Hours to be determined by CCACMinistry of HealthNone
Enhanced Respite $3500.00/year6-12 hour shifts MCYS (CCAC) processes application at first home visit after dischargeNone
9-8hr shifts
Special Services at Home200 hoursMCYS – Ministry of Children and Youth ServicesNone
Max $10,000.00 (fund can be frozen)17-12 hr shifts or
 27- 8 hr shifts
In Home Respite Dependent on insurance coverage -Deductable dependent on insurance coverage
(private nurse if insurance covers)
Rogers House  Dependent on availabilityMOH – None
(out of home)
Rotary HomeDependent on availabilityMCYS$10.00/shift
(out of home)
Children’s Integration Services - - -

ACSD - once you qualify you can receive up to $425/month

Special Needs Child Tax Benefit –apply with income tax

When it is time for day care, Children’s Integration Special Services (CISS) funded by the City of Ottawa, you may be able to make a case for a nurse at Day Care through this fund.

Service and Cost
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