Domain 4 Lesson Plan(s)

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Manage Safety Risks

Teaching methodologies:

Suggested lesson plans for interactive sessions: (click on links for teaching material)

Session 1: 1-2 hours
Session 2: 1hour
  • Use Crew Resource Management slide deck to introduce High Reliability Organizations
  • Discuss experiences from these "case studies" in aviation and how we can learn from them in health care
  • Suggest Helmreich CRM paper as pre or post read for this session
Session 3: 1 hour
  • Pre-read Reason's Human Error paper, and discuss
  • Use cases in Content Domain 4 document for discussion
    • document addresses systems, error and high reliability (briefly) and medication management.  Citations form Berwick, Reason and Vincent are included. 
    • Questions are embedded as is a case discussion

Session 4: 1 hour
Journal club: 1 hour
  • Use paper Leonard ADE Oct 2006 on risk reduction for adverse drug events through sequential implementation of patient safety initiatives in a Children's hospital: critique of paper and discussion of measures to reduce adverse drug events
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