Safety Culture: How We Behave When No One is Looking

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Dr. Michael Leonard is a National Physician Leader for Patient Safety at Kaiser Permanente, a Faculty member at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and a Principal at Pascal Metrics, a safety consulting group.

An honors graduate of the University of Missouri School of Medicine, Dr. Leonard did his postgraduate training in Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology at Harvard's Beth Israel Hospital in Boston, with fellowship training in cardiac anesthesia.  A practising anesthesiologist for 21 years, he spent 14 years with the Colorado Permanente Medical Group, where he was Chief of Anesthesia, Chief of Surgical Services, and Chairman of the Board of Directors.

In 1999, he helped Kaiser forge a collaborative relationship with Dr. Robert Helmreich's Human Factors Research Project to work on the application of human factors teamwork and communication training within medicine.

For the past several years, he has taught extensively throughout the Kaiser system and outside organizations in high-risk areas such as surgery, obstetrics, critical care and others to enhance safety.  At the IHI he has been active in several domains including the Patient Safety Officer Training Course, Transforming Care at the Bedside, the Safer Patients Initiative in the United Kingdom, and Patient Safety Scotland.

In addition to teaching and lecturing widely, Dr. Leonard also wrote a book on patient safety, The Essential Guide for Patient Safety Officers, in collaboration with Dr. Allan Frankel, Terri Simmonds, and Carol Haraden of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.


The CAPHC Patient Safety Collaborative has been exploring the linkages between day to day practice and the CPSI Safety Competencies. We recognize that there is also a direct relationship between these competencies and Accreditation Canada’s Required Organizational Practices (ROP).

CULTURE is at the core of each competency and ROP so what is culture and why is it so important? How do we accurately measure culture? How do we systematically use it to drive improvement in our organizations? What is the impact of Safety Culture on implementing new initiatives and strategies in your organization?

We are honoured to welcome Dr. Michael Leonard to the CAPHC Patient Safety Collaborative on November 26, 11:00 am EST to help us answer these and many more questions.

This presentation initially aired on Friday, November 26, 11:00am EST.

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