Paediatric Opioid Safety - Toward a Change in Practice

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Gregory Kennedy

Margaret Colquhoun


Accreditation Canada guidelines state that having multiple concentrations of strengths of the same medication available increases the risk that clinicians will select, dispense, or administer the wrong concentration.  Standardizing medication concentrations across the organization and limiting the strengths to as few as possible reduces chances for error.

Evaluating and limiting the availability of opioid products and removing high dose, high potency formats from patient care areas, as well as staff education and training can also reduce medication errors.

With paediatric patients ranging in size from less than 2kg to greater than 100kg how does an organization determine which standard concentrations to use? 

Do standard concentrations work if you don’t have smart pump technology? 

Greg Kennedy's presentation,   “Clarifying the Medication Use ROPs: Narcotics Safety and Drug Concentrations”   will outline expectations for two of Accreditation Canada’s Medication Use ROPs, and provide organizations with useful tips for implementation.

Margaret Colquhoun's presentation, "Implementing Leading Practice for Opioid Medication Delivery in Paediatrics",  will provide a brief background on the work led by CAPHC and ISMP Canada that has led to the creation of safety recommendations for Tertiary and Community hospitals, from storage to administration. These recommendations will be supported with an online resource for implementing an opioid safety plan in your organization. 

Using a real life example of a tragic incident, Marg will provide the rationale for the development of standards and describe the process the led to the final recommendations.

There has been a great deal of national consultation in this work.  This spirit of collaboration will continue with a workshop and ongoing education sessions.

Resources and References:

PowerPoint Presentation - Clarifying the Medication Use ROPs: Drug Concentrations and Narcotics Safety

PowerPoint Presentation - Implementing Leading Practice for Opioid Medication Delivery in Paediatrics

Presenter Bios:

Gregory Kennedy MSc

Greg Kennedy is as a Health Services Research Specialist in Program Development at Accreditation Canada. In this role, Greg oversees the ongoing development and maintenance of the accreditation program, particularly in terms of required organizational practices, performance measures, patient safety, and client experience.

Previous to joining Accreditation Canada, Greg worked as a Research Associate in the Division of Preventive Oncology at Cancer Care Ontario. Greg holds a Master of Science in Epidemiology & Population Health from Queen’s University, and a Bachelor of Science in Cell Biology from McGill University.

Margaret Colquhoun, BScPhm, RPh, FCSHP

Marg Colquhoun is a Project Leader at the Institute for Safe Medication Practices Canada. In addition to over twenty years’ experience in hospitals, in several administrative positions, Marg consulted both inside and outside of health care, including work at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. She joined ISMP Canada in 2000 to lead the Ontario Medication Safety Support Service and has delivered on multiple Canadian safety projects. Marg leads the Medication Reconciliation intervention on behalf of ISMP Canada for Safer Healthcare Now, supporting Canadian teams in acute care, long term care and home care. Marg also leads the World Health Organization High-5’s medication reconciliation intervention at an international level, supporting teams in 5 countries.  

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