Implementing Opioid Safety Guidelines: Successes and Challenges at Health Sciences North

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Daniella Del Frate 

Tiffany Niro


Paediatric healthcare institutions face many unique challenges in the delivery of care - among these challenges is the lack of standardization of paediatric medication dosing and delivery practice.  It is well known that medication errors and adverse events are among the most common patient safety problems in paediatrics and that high-alert medications, like morphine, pose particular risks.  

Working with our member organizations CAPHC and ISMP Canada have developed a Paediatric Opioid Safety Resource Kit on the CAPHC Knowledge Exchange Network.  It contains Consensus Guidelines, references and recommended reading, as well as tools and resources shared from participating organizations.  

Join the CAPHC Patient Safety Collaborative on  February 22, 11:00 – 12:00 EST!

Health Sciences North pharmacists, Daniella Del Frate and Tiffany Niro, will share what motivated a largely acute care adult facility to implement the CAPHC/ISMP Paediatric Opioid Safety Consensus Guidelines and change practice in paediatric opioid medication delivery.  Details will be provided on the changes that were made, tools that were created, the impact, barriers and next steps.

We invite you and your colleagues to register for this webinar.  There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion following the presentation and we welcome your experiences with standardization and implementing practice change.

For more information please contact Lisa Stromquist 

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