Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall…Humpty Dumpty never did fall:  Enhancing Patient Safety Through the Implementation of the Humpty Dumpty Pediatric Falls Prevention Program

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The webinar will outline the process and reasoning used by Health Sciences North to implement a pediatric falls prevention program for both their inpatient and outpatient units.  The Humpty Dumpty Program, developed by Miami Children’s Hospital was the program that was chosen, and customized, to meet the needs of the hospital’s patient population.  

The program will be explained in detail including both the inpatient and outpatient processes, a discussion regarding lessons learned and the evaluative process that will be occurring over the next few months as the program reaches its one-year anniversary since implementation.



Keri Shewchuk, B.A. (Hrs), MBA(HR), CHRP,

Keri is the Clinical Manager of the North Eastern Ontario Health Centre for Kids (NEO Kids).  Keri has been with the Family and Child Program with Health Sciences North for the past 10 years in which time she has been responsible for the project management of many quality and safety initiatives including the implementation of patient safety programs in both the Birthing Centre and Pediatric Units (inpatient and outpatient).  Keri led the implementation of the Humpty Dumpty Falls Prevention Program for both pediatric inpatient and outpatient services at Health Sciences North.

Debbie Lahti, RN

Debbie has worked for the Family and Child Program at Health Sciences North for 15 years, starting as staff nurse on Pediatrics and NICU, Nurse Clinician, and more recently to step into the role of CQI Manager in 2012.

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