Communicating with Youth for Patient Safety

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Creating the culture of patient safety is a multi-faceted approach, and one that involves all players. Picking up on Dr. Leonard’s November 26th presentation, often professional and nonprofessional team members, including patients and families, feel intimidated to share their perspectives on sensitive issues such as patient safety. Creating a milieu in which team members, including patients and families, can comfortably communicate and share information including safety concerns, holds promise to positively influence patient safety and quality care.

The IWK’s Youth Advisory Council will present their recently produced video,“The IWK Cup” that talks openly with staff, physicians, other youth and families, about these very issues. The goal: how to actively engage youth in their health care? What works? And what does not? Set to a fun sportscast theme, “The IWK Cup” has been winning over clinical audiences with its straight forward tips to improving practice in youth engagement, with aim towards better outcomes.

What are Canada’s youth talking about? Establishing trust is key, and creating a safe environment for important conversations to take place involves more than a private office space. What about the language we use with patients who are no longer children, but not adults either? And why is it that youth sometimes find it easier to speak up to prevent a medical error (i.e. the wrong equipment to start their IV) to a newly graduated nurse than inexperienced charge nurse?

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 Please follow the link below: go to the Youth Health section, then Read More (left of picture), then look right for the video option.


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