Youth Leaders at Holland Bloorview: How the Youth Advisory Council is Transforming Care

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Holland Bloorview has long been committed to fostering advocacy and leadership skills in the clients that the hospital serves. The Youth Engagement Strategy provides the structure to engage with Youth Leaders as partners. This presentation will focus on the Youth Advisory Council and how it has helped to transform care delivered at Holland Bloorview.



CJ Curran, BHA, TRS

Operations Manager, Transitions, Lifeskills, Therapeutic Recreation, Student Support Services and Music & the Arts

Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital Manager, Therapeutic Recreation & Life Skills

CJ’s professional background and experience in children’s rehabilitation spans 20 years. She actively supports Holland Bloorview’s commitment to client and family centered care by providing a formal youth engagement framework within her portfolio to grow and enable meaningful youth participation that is accessed across the hospital and aligned with the Family Leadership Program.

Dolly Menna-Dack

Youth Facilitator, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital & Toronto Rehab, UHN

Dolly is a Youth Facilitator in the Centre for Participation & Inclusion helping clients build their advocacy and life skills. Dolly coordinates youth engagement programs at Holland Bloorview including the Youth Advisory Council and the Youth Mentorship Program. Dolly also works in the cross-organizational LIFEspan transition clinic at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (for a presentation on the LIFEspan program, click here) and UHN’s Toronto Rehab.

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