Social Paediatrics Webinar Series

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About Social Paediatrics

Social paediatrics refers to the health and well-being of children, most specifically those living at the margins of society, disadvantaged, disabled, or dispossessed. This description hinges on recognition of the social determinants as critical mediators of child health. The 2013 UNICEF report of “Child Well-being in Rich Countries,” which benchmarks health and well-being among the world’s richest countries, underlines once again that Canada’s performance is spotty at best (3).  Overall, Canada remains right in the middle of the pack, ranked 17th of the 29 countries included. We rank 27th in childhood obesity, 22nd in infant mortality and 21st in child poverty rates. Furthermore, for Aboriginal children and youth, health outcomes continue to be far lower than Canadian averages.

Starting in March, the Paediatric Chairs of Canada (PCC) will lead a three part Webinar series on Social Paediatrics that will be aired live on CAPHC's weekly webinar program - CAPHC Presents!. The first, on March 12th, will feature an overview of the status of Canada’s children highlighting those at risk groups struggling against the odds, then focus on the interrelationships between health and education.

We believe that these webinars will attract an inter-professional audience representing a broad spectrum of thinking to embolden the child health advocacy community to kick it up a notch or two! Join us and become a leading advocate for Canada's children and youth!

 Title Date  Time 
 1. An Introduction to Social Paediatrics and the Role of Education in the Health of Children and Youth March 12, 201411 AM- 12:30 (EST)
 2.The Paediatrician as Child Advocate and Child Protection  March 26, 201411 AM- 12:30 (EST)
 3.Vulnerable Populations and Aboriginal Health - Time for a Curriculum   May 7, 201411 AM- 12:30 (EST)
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