Parental Presence During Induction of Anesthesia:  Finding Common Ground

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With the steady and widely-welcomed implementation of family-centred care within paediatric health centres and paediatric programs over the last few decades, one area has remained as much a site of contention as of collaboration: parental presence during anesthesia induction. In response, The Canadian Child and Youth Health Coalition formed a working group of parents and healthcare professionals to bring together research findings and the experiences and perspectives of parents, hospitals, and patients themselves and developed a set of recommendations that can be widely applied. 

This webinar will highlight the working group’s primary findings and recommendations (recently endorsed by the Coalition), offer a rich array of voices—a parent, a surgeon, an anesthetist, a child life leader, and a nurse—and welcome the questions, insights, and suggestions of all participants.


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  • Dr. Sarah Jones, Co-chair, Canadian Child and Youth Health Coalition and Surgeon, Children's Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre
  • Dr. James Wright, Chief of Perioperative Services and Surgeon-in-Chief, The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

    Dr. James G. Wright is Chief of Perioperative Services, and Surgeon-inChief, Department of Surgery, and Vice President, Medical at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, Canada. Through these  roles, which he assumed in January 2005, Dr. Wright oversees one of the busiest and most advanced paediatric surgery departments in Canada.
  • Dr. Leslie Hall, Anesthesiologist, Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
  • Terry Pridham RN BScN

    13 years in Perioperative setting, both intra and post-operative. Special interest in the communication dynamic in the operating room setting.

  • Lorraine McInnis RN BN CPN(C)

    23 years as a Perioperative Nurse, in different hospitals. Currently the Nursing Educator and Data Analysist for the Surgical Information System,  Operating Room.

  • Mr. Frank Gavin, National Liaison, Canadian Family Advisory Network

    Frank Gavin is a parent who has worked as a volunteer to advance child health and family-centred care since 1995. He served on and chaired the Family Advisory Committee to The Hospital for Sick Children and in 2002 helped found The Canadian Family Advisory Network (CFAN), serving  as CFAN chair or co-chair for  CFAN’s first six years  He now directs CFAN’s national activities, represents CFAN on The Canadian Child and Youth Health Coalition, participates on the Research Advisory Committee of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s (CIHR’s)  Parenting Matters project, and serves on the board of The Institute of Families for Child and Youth Mental Health and on the advisory board of CIHR’s Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health.  In September 2011 Frank was appointed by The Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health as one of two public members of The Canadian Drug Expert Committee. He taught English at Centennial College in Toronto for nearly thirty years.

  • Ms. Alexandra Christofides, Child Life Specialist, Humber River Hospital, Toronto.

    Alexandra isa  Registered Early Childhood Educator  & Certified Child Life Specialist in the Child Life Field for 24 years. Completed Practicum & Internships at Peel Memorial Hospital, Scarborough Centenary Hospital, Hospital for Sick Children  &  Buffalo Children’s Hospital. Developed &  Implemented the Child Life Program & PPI at Humber River Hospital November 1998 to present. Previously worked Part-time at  Hospital for Sick Kids.  Presented  “PPI” at  International Conference  for Patient & Family Centred Care,  Ontario Hospital Association & CAPHC.  Developed & Taught Courses “Working with Children in Health Care”  for Post Grad RN’s at Centennial College & Paramedic Students @ Humber College. Membership with College of Early Childhood Educators, ,Canadian Association for Child & Play Therapy, Child Life Council &The Canadian Association of Child Life Leaders.
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