NICU – Team Growth with Financial Savings

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  • Jocelyn Vine RN, VP Patient Care, IWK Health Centre
  • Kimberly Thomas, RN – Manager NICU, IWK Health Centre
  • Kate Lively RN, MN, ARDMS, Women's & Newborn Health, Resource Allocation Manager
  • Heather Simmons RN BScN MN, 
Project Lead
, Models of Care
, IWK Health Centre


In the past 2 years, the 60 bed NICU at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax, NS, has undergone considerable care and staffing transformation as patient demands have increased, and available financial and human resources have decreased.  The leadership of the IWK and NICU embraced the challenge to not only maintain, but enhance care in the face of these pressing resource challenges.  This webinar will walk participants through the journey from concept, evidence & research, implementation, and post evaluation, while focusing on efforts taken to ensure patient care and safety throughout, while realizing real staffing and cost saving efficiencies.


Powerpoint Presentation: Neonatal Care Team Model Changes

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