Ebola in the Interfacility Critical Care Transport Environment

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Join us as the CAPHC Interfacility Transport Steering Committee leads a panel of experts in a discussion about the unique clinical issues that must be considered when transporting a maternal, paediatric or neonatal patient that is suspected of carrying the Ebola virus.

This webinar will bring experts from different provincial jurisdictions to discuss a number of issues, including

  • what must be considered when managing an Ebola patient in the transport setting,
  • what guidelines or resources are in place for practitioners  and administrators




PDF Ebola and Pediatric Critical Care Transport- Dr. Allan De Caen

PDF  Ebola in the Interfacility Critical Care Transport Environment - Dr. Russell MacDonald

PDF Translating Infection Control in Emergency Health Services - Dr. Andrew Travers

PDF Ebola in the Interfacility Critical Care Transport Environment - Dr. Mark MacKenzie


Dr. Allan de Caen
Dr. Allan de Caen is a Pediatric Intensivist and Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Alberta/ Stollery Children's Hospital in Edmonton, Canada. He is the Medical Director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Transport Team at Stollery Children's Hospital.

Dr. Russell D. MacDonald

Dr. Russell MacDonald is a specialist in emergency medicine, Canada’s first formally trained sub-specialist in emergency medical services (EMS), and has a Masters Degree in Public Health.  Dr. MacDonald has worked in academic teaching centers and held academic appointments in emergency medicine in both Canada and the United States.  His expertise includes emergency medicine, prehospital care, critical care and air medical transport, and public health.

Dr. MacDonald is Medical Director at Ornge Transport Medicine and Medical Advisor for Toronto Paramedic Services.  He is also an Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Emergency Medicine Fellowship Program in the Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto.  Dr. MacDonald practices emergency medicine at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Center in Toronto.

He has built a career as a leader in prehospital and transport medicine, is a highly sought consultant and content matter expert, and presents at conference and symposia internationally.  By combining his expertise in emergency medicine, prehospital care, and public health, Dr. MacDonald has played prominent roles where prehospital care and infection control intersect.  During the 2003 SARS outbreak in Toronto, he led design, development and implementation of the Provincial Transfer Authorization Centre (PTAC).  He served on multiple provincial committees including Ontario Health Pandemic Influenza Plan and the EMS Infection Control / New Normal Committee.  He also served on the National Association of State EMS Operators’ and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s Pandemic EMS Clinical Guidelines and 911 Pandemic Planning and Preparation Committees in the United States of America.  Most recently, Dr. MacDonald was part of the Public Health Agency of Canada’s core working group that developed the Agency’s Ebola Clinical Care Guidelines, where he wrote the section titled "Interfacility transport of patients with Ebola viral disease".

Dr. Mark MacKenzie 

Dr MacKenzie is Alberta's Provincial Air Ambulance Medical Director for Alberta Health Services EMS and STARS.  He is an an emergency physician in Edmonton and STARS transport physician, involved in transport medicine and medevac oversight for over a decade.

Dr. Andy Travers


Dr. Andrew Travers is an emergency medicine physician at the QEII New Halifax Infirmary and the Provincial Medical Director for Emergency Health Services.

Dr. Travers is a native of Nova Scotia having completed his undergraduate BSc and Medical degrees at Dalhousie University. He pursued postgraduate training in Epidemiology at the University of Alberta, Faculty of Public Health and received his fellowship training in Emergency Medicine with the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 1999. Currently he is assistant professor and attending medical staff in the Dalhousie Department of Emergency Medicine, with cross-appointments in Community Health and Epidemiology.

Dr. Travers is also the Provincial Medical Director for Emergency Health Services Nova Scotia. Dr. Travers has also been involved in the implementation of a research platform within large urban municipal EMS systems linking multiple stakeholders together including: paramedics, EMS management, ethics boards, city managers, emergency department staff, as well as granting agencies and federal funding sources. One of his major research focuses is on the pre-hospital risk stratification and treatment of STEMI in a provincial EHS system.

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