Administrative and Operational Challenges in Neonatal and Paediatric Transport:  Interfacing Clinical Care with Transport Regulations

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This week’s CAPHC Presents will bring an expert panel to lead a discussion on the administrative and operational challenges associated with air transport of neonatal and pediatric patients and equipment, from an airworthiness regulatory perspective.

Our panel will include experts in the national and provincial transport and healthcare regulatory environment, as well as leaders from the NICU and PICU communities.   Using the history of transports in the Province of Alberta as an example, they will discuss the aviation considerations and challenges when interfacing NICU/PICU equipment and transport equipment in an aviation environment.  

Our panel will also discuss the challenges of  providing clinical care in the transport setting while working within the transport regulatory environment.  

The panel will engage the audience in a discussion to hear others experiences, identify strategies to address gaps in the system, and to discuss opportunities for the future.



gordonbates.jpgGordon Bates

Gordon Bates is the Executive Director, Provincial Air Ambulance Operations and Inter Facility Patient Transfer Strategy, Alberta Health Services EMS. Gordon is a member of CAPC Transport subcommittee. He initiated and is chair of the Canadian Air Ambulance Discussion Group, which are Provincial government air ambulance representatives from all Provinces and Territories with a focus on national industry best practices, system modeling and performance measuring.   

Gordon has spent more than 40 years in EMS and air ambulance transport both in the public and private sector in British Columbia and Alberta. His experiences include, Advanced Life Support Paramedic, Dispatch, consulting and senior management. He has been instrumental in system design and change management at a provincial level. 

Operational system design for safe and effective Air ambulance transport of Neonatal and Pediatric teams and equipment is one of Gordon’s current responsibilities. 

DSC0919.jpgJessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a manager with the Alberta Health Services Provincial Air Ambulance Operations and Inter-facility Patient Transport Strategy Department. She has been in her current role for 4 years. Prior to this, she spent over 14 years in the Canadian Helicopter Industry starting as a Pilot, then as a Manager and Flight Operations Safety Specialist. Jessica holds a Master’s Degree in Aviation Human Factors and is trained in the HFACS (Human Factors Analysis and Classification System) approach to incident/accident investigation. 

For the past two years, Jessica has been involved in a Provincial PICU/NICU Transport Committee and provides a System’s perspective and aviation knowledge when aligning patient care needs with aviation safety and regulatory considerations when evaluating and using NICU/PICU equipment in an aircraft.


Dr. Sumesh Thomas

Dr. Sumesh Thomas is a Neonatologist and Clinical Associate Professor with The Department of Pediatrics, University of Calgary. He has been in Neonatal Practice for over 15 years and in medical administration in varying capacities. He was involved in the establishment of a National Neonatal Transport Service in Scotland in 2003 and was Medical Director for Neonatal Transport at McMaster Children’s Hospital between 2010 and 2013. 

He is currently the Site Lead for Neonatal Services at the Foothills Medical Center in Calgary and Medical Director for Neonatal Transport in Southern Alberta. With a shared interest from the perspective of a tertiary care neonatal service administrator and director for neonatal transport he is involved in advocating the establishment of clinical networks and adopting ‘best care’ principles for babies within publicly funded perinatal healthcare services. 

deCaenphoto1.jpgDr. Allan DeCaen

Dr. Allan de Caen is a Pediatric Intensivist and Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Alberta/ Stollery Children¹s Hospital in Edmonton, Canada. He is the Medical Director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Transport Team at Stollery Children's Hospital.

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