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Upgrade to Author Status

One of the key elements of the KEN, or any wiki style website, is the ability to accept user generated content.  The intent of the KEN is to engage all stakeholders in the child and youth health service delivery community in the generation of, and sharing of, interesting content.
If you feel that you have interesting programs, projects, partnerships, research, best-practices, or other information that you would like to share, please click the "Upgrade to Author Status" link in the Main navigation.  This link will allow you to send a message to the administrator who will verify and upgrade your account.
After being upgraded, you will then see a "Create" panel in the lower right hand column.  By entering a topic title, and clicking "create" you will be able to enter information that will be shared with the KEN community.  You will have the ability to edit that content at any time.  While the content will be visible to all, you, as the author, will be the only one who can edit the content.
If you are interested in being an author, please don't hesitate.  The biggest mistake people make is in thinking that they don't have anything of value to contribute.  There are exciting programs and pracitces from all over this country that we could all learn from, so please be an active contributor to this community.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at dmaynard@caphc.org.

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