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Overview of KEN's Features

The CAPHC Knowledge Exchange Network (CAPHC-KEN) is a wiki-based, interactive, online community focused on sharing and growing knowledge in child and youth health service delivery. Initiated by the CAPHC Continuity and Coordination of Care Working Group, the CAPHC-KEN seeks to engage practitioners, patients, families, researchers and other stakeholders in a common, interactive knowledge exchange community.

Community Driven Content

The core functinality of the CAPHC-KEN is the ability to have users author and manage their own content. The CAPHC-KEN allows users to enter content, embed pictures, include attachments, link to other pages with CAPHC-KEN, provide links to resources in the world wide web and much more.

This allows the user, and the community, to direct the content on the CAPHC-KEN in a way that ensures the content is as relevant to the child and youth health community as possible. The user provides content that is relevant to their local practice and experience, while the community, through ratings, commemnts and discussion boards, provides direction on what is valuable to them.

This interaction between author and community encourages the community to fill the knowledge gaps by uploading their own content, and encourages authors to keep their content accurate, relevant, and up-to-date.

Community Interaction

While the general content within the CAPHC-KEN is open to the general public, a basic CAPHC-KEN account gives the member the opportunity to post comments, participate in discussion boards and to participate in the editing process for content in which the author has chosen to allow multiple editors.

The "comment" process allows the individual to provide feedback directly to the author, lending support, suggesting changes, or identifying opportunities to improve the content. The "discussion groups" encourage more of an online, converstational disucssion for more complex issues, or issues that may not be directly related to a particular entry.

Community Content Creation

Another key feature to any wiki based service is the ability to share the creation of content throughout the community. The CAPHC-KEN will give authors the ability to choose if they want to keep their content closed to editing, or if they want to open a particular entry to the community to accept editorial contributions. The author also has the abiilty to close the content to editing at any time.

This feature allows an individual to solicit feedback from the community at large for the purpose of vetting their information, seeking feedback on "best practices" or other ventures that would benefit from wide spread collaboration.

Contact Information

For assistance with the use of the CAPHC-KEN or for more information please contact the administrtor.

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