CAPHC Launches

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CAPHC Launches the CAPHC Knowledge Exchange Network!!

On October 22nd, 2008, as part of the CAPHC 2008 Annual Meeting, CAPHC unveiled the CAPHC Knowledge Exchange Network (CAPHC-KEN). The CAPHC-KEN is a wiki-based, interactive, online community focused on sharing and growing knowledge in child and youth health service delivery.

Launched at the CAPHC Annual Meeting's National Symposium on Continuity and Coordination of Care, the initial content will be centered around continuity and coordination of care of children with complex health needs, from the acute care setting to the community. However, as knowledge sharing is a key logistical challenge for any nationally oriented group, CAPHC hopes to use this approach to help all CAPHC programs promote knowledge sharing and uptake at the national level.

The CAPHC-KEN is one of the Phase 2 deliverables of CAPHC's project, Bridging the Gap, which is being done with the support of Bell Canada. As a long time partner in this project, Bell has contributed to the development of the national resource document, "Finding Our Way Back Home", and their web development team at Bell Web Solutions, led the technical development of the CAPHC-KEN.

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