Transitions in Care

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Children's Healthcare Canada has established a new Community of Practice with broad attention on transition points across the continuum of care; between services, within organizations, between organizations and the ever-important transition to home.  

Building on the experience of our original CoPs there will be an emphasis on knowledge exchange and sharing of experiences and resources.  We want to identify best practices across Canada and find ways to spread and sustain initiatives and programs that work in everyday practice and reduce the risk of adverse events occurring during these care transitions.

We will focus on:

  1. Reducing gaps in care transitions for children with medical complexity
  2. Identifying data sources related to care transitions: adverse events; successful transitions; increased/decreased LOS, etc
  3. Identify leading practices of integration/coordination of care in Canada
  4. Develop a webinar series to share best practices and novel approaches

If you would like to be a member of this Community of Practice, lead and inform this work, please click on the link below and provide your name and email address.

Transition in Care CoP Presentations

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