Parenting Matters! Part 1 - Parenting Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities: What Do We Know, and What are the Opportunities?

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“Parenting is a dance led by the children.” What people in the developmental disability field often forget is that for reasons beyond their control many children with disabilities don’t dance very easily! We are a group of Canadian health services and social scientists, funded jointly by CIHR and the Bloorview Research Institute, exploring these issues in several ways:

  1. by extensive literature syntheses;
  2. by a review of legal and policy frameworks that affect families of disabled children;
  3. by analyzing population health data to explore parenting issues at a community level; and
  4. through a mixed-methods study with families in four Canadian cities.

In the latter, we expect to engage 60 families in each city to complete a package of questionnaires developed with our National Research Advisory Group, and then to invite 10 mothers and fathers from each city to participate in face-to-face qualitative interviews to explore their experience of being a parent to a child or youth with a neurodevelopmental disorder (e.g., autism, global developmental delay, etc.).

Part 1 - Parenting Children with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities: What Do We Know, and What are the Opportunities? originally aired on February 28th, 2012 at 11:00 - 12:30 ET.  

The main purpose of this webinar is to share what we have learned to date about parent health and well-being, and about parenting as reported in the NLSCY database. We will report on the progress of the study, and speculate about the potential utility of the findings for prevention and intervention studies to help parents on their parenting journey with children with neurodevelopmental disorders. We will also seek people’s advice about KT opportunities once the studies are done.


Watch the Webinar:


  • Dr. Lucyna M. Lach, Associate Professor, School of Social Work, McGill University
  • Dr. Peter Rosenbaum, CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research, McMaster University
  • Dr. Dafna Kohen, Principal Researcher, Health Analysis Division, Statistics Canada
  • Dr. Rubab Arim, Research Scientist, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, and Research Analyst, Health Analysis Division, Statistics Canada

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