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National Continuity and Coordination of Care Collaborative



The Continuity and Coordination of Care National Working Group was first established as the Home Care Working Group in February 2005 as a means of enabling CAPHC to establish stronger linkages and work with child and youth community health professionals across the country. "Bridging the Divide between Health Centres and the Community" became the banner slogan under which the Group's activities were undertaken, including the establishment of formal linkages with the Children and Youth Home Care Network, the Canadian Network for Child and Youth Rehabilitation and the Canadian Family Advisory Network.
Initial priority areas of interest included: i) focus on children and youth within hospital settings who were receiving care in the community for on-going support; ii) children and youth who are receiving primary health care within health promotion/prevention capacity; iii) focus on best practices that can be applicable across the system; and iv) experiences and challenges facing families as they move across the system.
To date, and as part of its desire to formulate a national strategy to improve continuity of care and promote family-centered approaches, the Working Group has spearheaded several targeted initiatives: i) hosting the "Bridging the Divide between Health Centres and the Community- Child and Youth Health Services Across the Continuum" workshop in 2005; ii) with the financial support from Bell, developing the "Finding our Way Home" document, an inventory of promising transition of care practices; and iv) most recently, launching the development of a Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) that will house leading practices related to transition of care services between health centres and the community for children and youth with complex care needs. The KEN will also have capacity to house additional supportive information.

Building on Our Experience and Enabling Further Growth

To date, the Continuity and Coordination of Care National Working Group has in effect functioned as a working group. This has been necessary for many reasons, including: the initial establishment of linkages and working relationships, the scoping of priority areas of common interest, and a deliberate incremental approach to collaborative work involving individuals from across the continuum of care.
Assuming that there is a shared desire to further broaden the scope of future initiatives, while building on the Working Group's accomplishments and established linkages, it is now timely to reassess the structural and functional needs of the Working Group.
One of the options being put forth for the Group's consideration is one that moves the focus from specific operational involvement to one of an advisory or collaborative nature. It is hoped that this would, in turn, lead to enhanced strategic and broad discussions and assist in identifying additional areas of focus that the partners or "collaborative" could undertake in the next 2-3 years. This approach would not preclude the continued work of existing working subgroups or the establishment of new project-specific working groups, as appropriate.

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Continuity and Coordination of Care
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