What have we tried? What works? A Canadian environmental scan of organizational supports for moving evidence into action in pediatrics

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Moving evidence into action is a significant challenge in health care. Pediatric health care and research organizations vary significantly in the ways they support their staff and stakeholders to carry out evidence informed health care (EIHC) and knowledge translation (KT). The organizational structures, processes, services and resources in place to support EIHC and KT in these settings across Canada have yet to be described. This information, along with the identification of organizational innovations, is critical for informing the development and refinement of comprehensive EIHC/KT support strategies for pediatrics that meet the needs of health care leaders, health professionals, researchers, patients and families, and other key stakeholders.

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SGlegg 2016 CFRI Headshot.jpegStephanie Glegg is the Knowledge Broker Facilitator with the Child Development & Rehabilitation Evidence Centre at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children in Vancouver, where she facilitates evidence informed health care among health professionals, leaders, students and knowledge brokers. She received her occupational therapy degree at UBC, where she shares her passion for evidence with OT students as a clinical instructor.

Stephanie’s doctoral research examines the factors influencing evidence informed health care and knowledge translation in pediatric health care and research settings. This work is supported by a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, a UBC Public Scholars Award and Four-Year Fellowship, a Career Enhancement Award from the Canadian Child Health Clinician Scientist Program, and support from the Sunny Hill Foundation. She sits on the CHILD-BRIGHT Knowledge Translation Committee, and is a member of the BC SUPPORT Unit’s Knowledge Translation Methods Cluster.

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