Partnering during a pandemic

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COVID-19 has placed challenges on the pediatric healthcare system, healthcare providers, children and their families. It has also revealed opportunities for positive change. During this webinar, colleagues from Children's Healthcare Canada's member organization, the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), will discuss

  • CHEO’s Partners In Health framework
  • Advisors at the Incident Management Team (IMT)  
  • Importance of partnering during a pandemic
    • at all care levels (care, program, governance level)
    • using different approaches (sharing info, feedback/consult, partnering/co-design) 
    • with all populations (children, youth, families) 
    • with the help of our Communications team using social media, town halls, external website, tip sheets, posters, family info line, surveying) 
  • Challenges and lessons learned  
  • Advisors stories: their partnering during COVID

Through this webinar, organizations  will

  • Be provided with examples of how they can engage and partner in a fast paced environment where decisions need to be made quickly but also need to include the right voices. 
  • See the value in partnering with families during a pandemic and the value that advisors bring to the table 
  • Learn of various methods of partnering that can be used locally

The primary audience for this webinar includes:

  • Middle managers  
  • Senior leaders 
  • Policy makers 
  • Patient/Family partners/advocates 
  • Quality improvement teams

Secondary audience includes front-line staff


Angie Hamson

Carolyn Closs

Cassandra Schopf Loach

Britt-Mari Sykes

Resource staff:

Jill Sullivan, Manager Patient Experience 

Bonnie Bagshaw, Family Partnership Lead

Morgan Cunningham, Director of Planning and Performance

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