New Approaches to Precision Public Health and Differential Diagnosis Using Cognitive Computing, AI and Big Data

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High-speed physiological data are proving to be one of the most untapped resources in healthcare today. Many medical devices produce data streams at frequencies of a reading a second or faster making the effective use of that data a Big Data challenge. A growing body of research studies are demonstrating common physiological patterns for a range of conditions at earlier stages in the condition progression paving the way for new approaches to detection that could also be more reliable. There is great potential for new computing techniques in cognitive computing and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable the real-time assessment of this physiological data to improve patient outcomes and to do so on an individualised personalised level.


This webinar will present research on the creation of a Big Data analytics platform, Artemis that enables the complex analysis of physiological data in real-time using new cognitive computing and AI approaches to look for multiple physiological patterns concurrently with the analytics tailored individually for personalised healthcare. Details of Artemis research in Canada, USA, China, India and Australia will be presented.

CarolynMcGregor_Headshot.jpgProfessor Carolyn McGregor AM is the Research Excellence Chair in Health Informatics and a two time Canada Research Chair in Health Informatics based at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Dr McGregor has led pioneering research in Big Data analytics, artificial intelligence, internet of things, temporal data mining, patient journey modelling and cloud computing. She now progresses this research within the context of critical care medicine, mental health, astronaut health and military and civilian tactical training.

She has been awarded over $11 million in research, consultancy and infrastructure funding and has led multiple large research programs including a multi-million dollar First of A Kind (FOAK) research program with IBM and a $3M project within the FedDev Health Ecosphere Innovation Pipeline project. She has over 170 refereed publications, 3 patent in multiple jurisdictions and has established two startup companies resulting from her research.  She has extensive research collaborations in Canada, USA, Russia, Australia and India. She has also been called upon to advise various government working groups in Canada and is collaborating with the Western Australian Department of Health on new approaches for Precision Public Health. She has received many awards for her research and in 2014 she was awarded membership in the Order of Australia for her significant service to science and innovation through health care information systems. In 2017 she was featured in the 150 Stories series commissioned by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario and the Government of Canada to commemorate the 150th year anniversary of Ontario. In 2018 she was named as a Women Leader in Digital Health by Digital Health Canada.

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