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3 3  Please register for [[Mental health of immigrant and refugee children and youth in Canada: pathways to care and health system utilization>>url:]] on April 24, 2019 11:00 AM EST at:
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1 -**[[image:Natasha_Saunders_356 (2).jpg]]Dr. Natasha Saunders**
1 +[[image:Natasha_Saunders_356 (2).jpg||style="float: left; padding: 10px; margin-left: 1em; width: 150px;"]]**Dr. Natasha Saunders**
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4 4  Dr. Saunders is a clinician-investigator and pediatrician in the Division of Pediatric Medicine at The Hospital for Sick Children and an assistant professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Toronto. She is also an adjunct scientist at ICES. She completed her medical training at the University of Toronto in 2008 followed by her residency in pediatrics at SickKids from 2008 to 2012. After residency, Dr. Saunders completed an Academic General Pediatrics Fellowship at SickKids and a Master of Science in clinical epidemiology and health care research at the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation at the University of Toronto in 2015.