Join the Conversation- Building a National Toolkit to Support Parents of Medically Complex Children and Youth

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Families with medically complex children face life changing challenges that aren’t just medical. We want to hear from you…
What have you seen that works to support the non-medical needs of parents with a child who has complex care needs? What are your lessons learned that you can share with us? What could hospitals, healthcare providers, government, schools, employers and others do today that would make an immediate difference?

Your ideas will be used to help build a national toolkit for supporting parents of complex children and youth.

For more information on this work, go to:

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Additional Information:

As part of the initial work to developing a toolkit to support families of children and youth with complex medical needs, CAPHC and CHEO-OCTC partnered to create video showcasing some of the stories of the caregiver parents of these children.

For more information about the life changing challenges that these families face, go to:

Teresa MacMillan.jpgTeresa MacMillan, Parent Navigator

Teresa is well known to CHEO and the community and has a teen daughter that is followed by multiple specialists. Prior to being a Special Needs Mom Teresa worked at a local Community Health Center as a community developer and in the Nursery School system.  She will be offering peer-to-peer support to families in the program as well as hosting events/workshops.

Email: t.macmillan@pqchc.comTelephone: 613-820-4922 ext 3352

Lillian Kitcher.jpg

Lillian Kitcher, Parent Navigator

Lillian is well known to CHEO. She has an eight year old son who is followed by multiple clinics. Prior to being a Special Needs Mom Lillian worked at the Kurashiki Board of Education in Japan as an Elementary school teacher specializing in EFL.  In 2015 Lillian worked as an Instructor Therapist to children with autism. She will be offering peer to peer support to families in the program as well as hosting workshops/events.

Email: l.kitcher@pqchc.comTelephone: 613-820-4922 ext 3364

Breanna Gibbon.jpg

Breanna Gibbon, System Navigator Lead

Breanna plays a leadership role in implementing the Navigator model, working in partnership with community organizations and parents to assess the needs and gaps, establish best practices and build community capacity to ensure families are well supported in there their journey as caregivers of children with medical complexities. She is also responsible for providing support and system navigation to parents and caregivers in the Champlain Complex Care Program.

Email: bgibbon@cheo.on.caTelephone: 613-737-7600 ext 3758

Melanie Parent.jpg

Mélanie Parent, System Navigator/Social Worker

Melanie is the interim System Navigator/ Social Worker for the Navigator program. She has experience offering counselling support to vulnerable populations within the non-profit sector, private sector and in the hospital setting.

Email: mparent@cheo.on.caTelephone: 613-737-7600 ext 3511

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