It’s Play Time! Unexpected reasons why physical activity is so important for kids

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Everyone knows that physical activity is important for physical and mental health, but most think of it in terms of decreasing adult diseases such as heart attack, diabetes or obesity. However, active play is also essential for childhood growth, development, and a good quality of life. Less than 10% of Canadian children achieve recommended levels of physical activity, and children with medical conditions are even less active than their peers. This webinar will review the evidence supporting the importance of childhood physical activity in paediatric healthcare, including it’s potential for treatment as well as primary and secondary prevention. Tips for assessing childhood physical activity and supporting patients to become more active will be provided.

i) Canadian Assessment of Physical Literacy
ii) Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Guidelines
iii) Healthier CHEO Kids (site in development)

Click here to download Dr. Longmuir's presentation slides.

HALO Head Shot Nov 2013.jpgDr. Patricia Longmuir is a Scientist in the Healthy Active Living and Obesity Research Group at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute.  Dr. Longmuir’s research interests are the promotion of physical activity to children with medical conditions and disabilities, and the use of physical activity to prevent and/or treat morbidity. Her undergraduate, Masters and Ph.D. theses examined the impact of interventions to increase physical activity among children with heart defects or cystic fibrosis. Dr. Longmuir’s post-doctoral fellowship was a community health promotion initiative targeting parents of young children. Dr. Longmuir has published more than 35 papers and 6 book chapters in the peer-reviewed literature. She has delivered over 90 scholarly conference presentations, and more than 50 invited and keynote addresses.

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