Homecare for Kids with Complex Needs: Parent and Provider Experiences during COVID-19

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COVID-19 is an unprecedented public health emergency that has emerged globally, and as a result, it has disrupted the life of every child and family. Children with rare diseases and/or complex care needs and their family caregivers are highly vulnerable to contracting and transmitting COVID 19. Knowledge of this, combined with their dependence on the home care sector 24/7 for extraordinary care needs, places immense added pressure on these families. Therefore, public health recommendations during COVID 19, to stay at home and maintain physical distancing presents unique challenges for this population. As such, Dr. Karen LeGrow and colleagues sought to examine how current homecare policies are experienced and operationalized, and outline policy recommendations and practice guidelines to better meet current and future pandemic contexts. On this SPARK: Live webinar, Dr. LeGrow discusses the findings from her work, which has implications for the development of policy recommendations and practice guidelines, from a child/family, healthcare provider, and agency perspectives. These findings will support pediatric home care services in Ontario during the current COVID-19 global pandemic, and they are paramount and transferable to other jurisdictions in Canada and internationally.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the impact of COVID-19 on pediatric services for children with complex healthcare needs who receive homecare
2. Use study data to advocate for this unique population of children/families in this unique space
3. Implement parent-healthcare practitioner relational care practices to provide emotional/social support

Dr. Karen LeGrow

Dr. LeGrow is an Associate Professor in the Daphne Cockwell School of Nursing, Faculty of Community Services, Ryerson University. She received her BScN from Memorial University of Newfoundland, her MN from Dalhousie University, and her PhD from University of Toronto. Her clinical expertise is in the areas of high-risk neonatal, pediatric nursing, and family-nurse relational practice.

The major foci of Dr. LeGrow’s program of research is to develop and nurture a, innovative program of research that critically examines the specific mechanisms by which “place” affects health and how it influences parent-healthcare provider relational care practices, specifically communication and decision making practices, for children with complex health care needs across the continuum of care.

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