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1 -More information to come.
1 +As a result of medical and technological advancements, many of the individuals that Safehaven cares for are living longer than ever before – often with increasingly complex conditions and higher needs for medically intensive care. As a community-based organization that provides respite and residential care to individuals with complex care needs, Safehaven has made strategic advancements in the past two years to meet the evolving demands. These advancements included: transforming staff education programs, redefining the model of care, enhancing external partnerships and enriching recreational programming, all as part of their overall organizational strategy to provide exceptional care to these exceptional lives. Initiating these changes has enabled them to provide high-quality care to more medically complex individuals while continuing to provide excellent care to their current clientele.
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10 10  **Kathryn Burbridge**
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12 12  Kathryn has worked at The Safehaven Project for Community Living since 2016 in various roles, and has been in her current role as Manager – Quality, Safety and Strategic Directions since October 2018. In her time at Safehaven to date, Kathryn co-led the organization through its inaugural survey with Accreditation Canada, helped develop the current governance framework and has implemented new quality and safety processes. Prior to working at Safehaven, Kathryn completed her Masters of Health Administration at Dalhousie University.
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15 +**Collette Montague**
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18 +Collette is the Director, Programs and Professional Practice at The Safehaven Project for Community Living in Toronto, Ontario, an organization that provides high-quality, family-centred and community based residential and respite care for individuals with complex care needs. Her expertise is in pediatric complexities having spent over a decade working at SickKids, The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto as a Clinical Support Nurse and 20 years in nursing.
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20 +She has an extensive understanding of health care operations, including clinical operations and patient flow which she honed working at North York General Hospital as an Administrative Coordinator. As a Clinical Leader, Collette has been able to share her passion for health care education and mentorship collaborating with numerous community colleges and universities to support nursing students and future health care professionals
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22 +Collette holds a Bachelor Degree in Nursing from Ryerson University, and Registered Nursing Diploma from Centennial College, Toronto.