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The Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres (CAPHC) is a non-profit organization that brings together many healthcare organizations across the country representing multidisciplinary health professionals providing health services for children, youth and their families nationwide.

As a member of this organization, you can

  • share knowledge and best practices from across the country,
  • participate in National learning opportunities, and
  • contribute and collaborate on CAPHC Projects.

CAPHC has many groups working towards bettering the care we provide across the country. Work with colleagues from across the country in one of our:

  • CAPHC Communities of Practice: Paediatric Pain, Transitions from Paediatric to Adult Care, Sepsis, Inhaled Nitric Oxide (iNO), and Complex Care.
  • Canadian Network of Child and Youth Rehabilitation (CN_CYR) work groups
  • Canadian Paediatric Decision Support Network (CPDSN) work groups

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Once a year, the CAPHC Conference showcases the emergence of effective and innovative models of care, and highlights the needs, challenges and strategies that are ensuring access to the very best healthcare for all children and youth.

If you are a CAPHC Member or a CAPHC Liaison and would like access to the private Member/Liaison pages below, please contact Ann Watkins at to request access.

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